Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taiwan Touch Your Heart

There is SOME truth in advertising.

It touched mine.

When I left Taiwan back in November, I knew I’d be back again some day.  All my good deeds and positive karma joined together with the forces of the universe, and it worked out perfectly for me to return to Formosa before heading off to Vietnam.  As I stepped off the plane in Taipei, I was transported back to my first arrival on the island.  Except this time, I had family waiting for me; just like coming home!

The first weekend of my trip, I attended my old roommate’s wedding.  Muni married her long-time love Nick in the longest wedding ceremony I have ever been to.  And the reception!  So much food, so much entertainment, so many guests.

Muni and Dad walking down the aisle

Abi sings a song for Muni and Nick

Reuniting with all my people was what I was most looking forward to.  And having no job or any other silly responsibilities gave me the time and opportunity to do all the things I wanted to do.....

Spending time with some of my favorite Wugu-ites at Nick and Muni’s wedding!

(Most of) the Shane Wugu crew!

Eating 12 courses at the wedding reception with Ellen

Biking from Wugu to Danshui with Yun Lin!

Trusty rented bike

On the ferry back across the Danshui River with Yun Lin

Biking over Guandu Bridge

Soaking in the hot springs at Wulai with Alex!

Alex weighs the pros and cons of public hot springs

Catching up with Abi over Yummy Burger!

Familiar ol' Wugu bus stop!

Taking in the sights from the Neihu Miramar Ferris Wheel with Cody and Austin!

Neihu Ferris Wheel

Rollin' over Taipei

Meeting up with friends from all over the place!

My old students Terry and Jack came to visit during dinner!

Dora rests after cooking a delicious curry dinner.
Fire wants to be juuuuust like mom....

Betsy and I are likely the most fabulous people in the bar.

True moment of laughter with Janet!

Late night drinks with Cody, Ben Ben, and Aiyana

Spending loads of quality time with the Taiwan branch of the Baker Tree!

Yeah... we're obviously related. Emily, Austin, Cody, and me!

And even a little freelance teaching when I filled in at Shane for a day!

I miss teaching these kids!!

The two weeks I spent back in Taiwan were amazing.  I knew that Taiwan would always feel like home in some way, but being back there with my friends and family made me realize that a bigger part of my heart than I expected will belong to the tiny little island forever.  Taiwan Touch Your Heart!! <3 

And STAY TUNED for my new blog about life in Vietnam.  Coming soon.... Samantha in Saigon!

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  1. Amazing photos. :) I miss Taiwan. I will be back in September, at least.